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Join LinjettCharter and sail in the archipelago during the quiet seasons and experience natures changing colors.

One of our favorites harbours is Österhamn at Arholma, about 10 kilometers from Rosättra, a resonable distance of sailing when the temperature is around 0°. If you want to do more sailing you can round the island.

At Arholma we meet a lively little archipelago community with tractors, red cottages, a chapel, hostel, restaurant and a small groceryshop. A quick walk is recommended as well as ending the evening in the sauna and a dip in the ocean. During advent, worship is held in the chapel. “We sailed there one year at the 1th of advent and when we moored at the dock and looked over stern, we saw a 10 sea kayaks.
– We thought that we had 
been on a tough challenge… says Johan and laugh.

Early spring and early summer can be enchanting beautiful when midsummer flowers, butterflies and orchids blossom. Do you have any favorite islands you would like to sail to? We will be happy to offer you suggestion.

Please call Johan +46 70 571 85 50