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Do you want to join a sailing race?

Since the beginning LinjettCharter has participated in various sailing races, for example the Hundaycup in Nynäshamn, ÅFoffshorerace – the sea race around Gotland, Lidingöaround and the Linjett Championship in the homewater outside Rosättra.

The boats can be hired with or without a skipper. Under the guidelines of the required race organizations the boats have all the necessary qualifications for racing. Lifevests functional sailing clothes are available on board and food boxes and snacks can be ordered extra. Prior to starting, several training opportunities are offered.

The course, the weather and the wind determine the conditions and makes every race special. Spinacker sailing and trimming sails on rough or calm sea, no one really knows. After the end of the race, award ceremony, dinner, liveband and party for those who like that.

Mail or call your or your company’s registration, so you may be in the prize podium next season.

Johan Gustavsson, Stenrudan 1, 761 76 Norrtälje, +46 70 571 85 50, johan@linjettcharter.se